Pakistan Internet Broadband Speed Test


A speed test assists in knowing how fast the internet is working! Making use of the PTCL speed test tool, you can test uploading and downloading speed (DSL/Wifi). Good internet service is all about its speed. Now, the way the Internet functions is quite simple. PCs are connected through the extensive network that is supposed to route info to and from the device. 

In simple words, the data volume that’s transmitted through the connection in a given amount of time is what is recognized as the internet speed. It is measured in Mbps (megabytes per second) as the standard metric. Now, let’s talk more about everything you ought to know about internet speed testing and more.

How Can You Perform PTCL Speed Test Online?

After connecting to the Internet, you may find that your internet speed is fluctuating, low, or off. Curiously, you may desire to find out what could be the issue. The first thing to resolve the internet speed issue is to test it. 

Pakistan has over forty-four million internet users (Which is twenty-two percent of the total population of Pakistan) and one percent of the total world population. Because of the 4G service provided by different mobile networks, Internet users are increasing exponentially. 

PTCL is one of the oldest and renowned ISPs in Pakistan. It’s one of the oldest cellular companies. They have the major share of internet users among different competitors. Because of the unlimited uploading and downloading of data, a user likes to remain with them. 

Also, one of the great things about PTCL is that you can share your internet with a lot of users. If you’re a PTCL user, then you can test the broadband speed Evo cloud, 4G charJi, and 3g Evo wingle as they have the largest internet users database, a lot of them face downtime on the internet. 

Comprehend The Results:

The speed test result shows the ability of the internet connection. With all the discussion about jargon such as megabytes per second, gigabytes, Fiber, and the likes, it could be difficult for a newbie to comprehend the internet speed. Well, you do not need to be a tech professional for comprehending a few essential terminologies:

  • Download Speed: 

It measures the procedure of transmitting data from the Internet to the PC. The info can be videos, photos, or even games; for instance, Youtube or Facebook video streaming, loading a webpage or surfing a site. You require more download speed if several people are utilizing the internet connection simultaneously.

  • Upload Speed: 

It is the rate at which any data is transmitted/uploaded from the internet-connected device, a phone, or computer to the Internet. In other words, a speed at which the computer or device can send data to different internet servers such as uploading a photo, a video to your Youtube channel or Facebook page; you require high uploading speed for video chat or if you desire to send large files.

  • Ping: 

Also technically recognized as latency, ping actually refers to the internet connection’s reaction time. If the ping is fast, it, therefore, denotes that the connection will be ideal and more responsive for heavy usages like video gaming. 

Ping, in a better manner, can refer to the time it actually takes for small data to be transferred from the internet-connected device to any server on the Internet and back to the device. A ping test is frequently measured in milliseconds.

Common Reasons Of A Slow Internet Speed:

There are numerous causes why you could be facing a low internet speed issue. The following are a few of the common reasons:

  • Many Devices Connected To The Same Network:

Several devices connected to the network could be saturating the bandwidth. Hence, you might desire to check the number of devices using the Internet from the network when you notice that the speed is slow.

  • The Type Of Internet Access:

The internet access type could also decide the max speed of the Internet. Here’re common Internet access types:

FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home):

It is one of the fastest Internet connections provided through the Fiber optic network to homes.

Digital Subscriber Line:

This one is offered by an internet service provider (ISP) also through the telephone network. It is not the fastest connection type.


Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)
2021-08-10 Pakistan 60 5 751 4404
2021-08-09 Denmark 3 1 254528 201284
2021-08-09 Pakistan 47 4 3982 9437
2021-08-09 Pakistan 37 10 5165 5953
2021-08-09 Pakistan 41 11 11712 14680
2021-08-09 Pakistan 47 229 23000 10879
2021-08-09 Pakistan 55 13 6970 484
2021-08-09 Pakistan 35 7 910 0
2021-08-09 Pakistan 80 76 1934 577
2021-08-09 Pakistan 33 6 2233 14549
2021-08-09 Pakistan 369 126 3482 4941
2021-08-09 Pakistan 126 92 2207 655
2021-08-09 Pakistan 25 97 4689 0
2021-08-09 Pakistan 57 17 428 7576
2021-08-09 Norway 37 5 12894 14460
2021-08-09 Pakistan 30 8 7457 4732
2021-08-09 Pakistan 33 7 356 10866
2021-08-09 Pakistan 46 6 3168 3179
2021-08-08 Pakistan 46 55 9852 12465
2021-08-08 Pakistan 56 7 3759 2988
2021-08-08 Pakistan 36 5 42733


Fastest Cities for Telenor

City Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Average Ping
Hellerup 249 197 1
Stabekk 207 21 50
Fjelso 204 205 2
Vollen 165 158 1
Knappstad 155 145 2
Örebro 128 96 5
Nesgrenda 105 143 1
Mortensrud 78 9 1
Stathelle 64 90 0
Chabba 53 24 19
Nagarpur 41 19 6
Babe 41 41 14
Dabas 31 31 12
Bergen 28 39 2
Thingangyun 24 9 7
Tarnok 23 24 13
Selo Mladenovac 23 0 16
Trasop 21 20 5
Rabrovac 21 9 4
Skoppum 20 0 2