NayaTel Speed Test

 NayaTel is an ISP that works in Pakistan. At present, it ranks in seventh place among 121 internet service providers in Pakistan. The NayaTel Speed Test will assist you in understanding the average speed you are receiving from your internet service provider.

It is the oldest DSL service provider in Pakistan. They are presently working in four cities, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Peshawar. They provide a free wifi extender with different devices for better connectivity.

Why You Ought To Run A Speed Test?

The majority of individuals question the requirement of running the internet speed test, even though there are no exact sciences involved. If you want to know the internet connectivity, net speed, bandwidth being utilized by a certain device attached, or desire to compare the wifi with those of the neighbor’s net, you can do all of such things only with a few simple taps on the keyboard.

What Can Affect The Internet Speed?

Since you are using one of the most trusted internet service providers, you must know that the service you’re receiving is good, and at times it can be several external things that are affecting the net speed. The cable connection can have problems because of the copper cable or damaged fiber.

At times, the presence of high voltage cords near the net cable can be the problem as well. If there’s dampness on the damaged cord or extreme weather conditions in the region can also affect the net speed. Moreover, the number of devices attached to a single net also causes slow internet speed.

You must check the package and check if it’s enough to support numerous connections. That’s why it’s suggested to run an internet speed test with just one device connected. In the end, the net package may not be enough for your every day or specific usage requirements; hence you must monitor the needs as well.

How Does The Speed Test Tool Really Work?

The speed test shows the speed outcome in two forms: upload and download. The download speed is measured by downloading different files from the server to the PC at a particular time. The upload speed is measured by sending different files through the PC to the test server at a particular time. So, the outcome shown in kbps or Mbps is known as the speed test.

  • Download Speed Measurement:

Each download speed test measures the data rate of downloading different files from a test server to the user’s PC.

  • Upload Speed Measurement:

Each upload speed test calculates the data rate of uploading files from the user’s PC to a test server. The speed test will have been done inside the web browser. So, you do not have to install any apk file or windows application. If the network speed outcome is slower than you expected, you ought to get in touch with the ISP to give details about the slow internet speed.

How To Run The Speed Test?

For checking the speed of your internet, simply click on the Go button, and the tool will begin measuring the speed. You will get the results of your speed test in 30-60 secs. Here are some things you have to do before running the speed test:

  • Only the window running the internet speed test ought to be open in your web browser. Any other tab, particularly the ones streaming videos, ought to be closed.
  • If possible, make certain to connect your computer to the internet using an Ethernet cable.
  • Any other program or application that makes use of the net connection ought to be closed before performing the speed test.