Optix Pakistan Speed Test

Optix Broadband Speed Test:

Optix Pakistan is an internet service provider that works in Pakistan. Presently, it ranks in the twenty-sixth place from 243 ISPs in Pakistan.

What’s Good Internet Speed?

You have almost certainly seen that there are many diverse plans accessible, all providing diverse internet speeds. Such speeds range from the entry-level 25/10 plans that offer a max of 25 megabits per second download speed and ten megabits per second upload, through to a huge Home Ultrafast plan that has the capability of reaching speeds up to 50 megabits per second upload and 1000 megabits per second download.

The bigger the value, the faster the net connection basically; the natural question is always what internet speed is required for the household? You do have to know upfront, however, that you would not ever get the exact max internet speed of the plan.

Things such as the connection type, the location of the home, and the time of day that you are utilizing your internet can all have a huge impact on the actual net speeds being provided to the house.

How To Speed Up The Internet Connection?

First of all, run the Optix Pakistan Speed Test to know what speed you are getting, and if you see that the internet speed is much slower than the promised one, then follow the below tips to improve it:

  • Internet Service Provider Matters:

The simplest method of getting a faster wifi connection is to select a diverse internet service provider that offers faster service.

  • The Location Of Your Router Matters:

Routers are affected by their location. Contemplate placing the wireless router close to the prime TV viewing area for improving the overall streaming experience. Also, try to keep any walls between the streaming devices and the router to a minimum.

It assists you in getting the most out of the bandwidth even without spending more on the high-end router. Certain electrical devices, most conspicuously microwaves, meddle with the router’s signal. So make certain you put your router where a microwave would not hamper the wifi.

  • Limit Number Of Users:

Make certain to limit the number of people accessing the wireless router before watching a film. Even when subscribing to a swift broadband Internet service, several users sharing that service frequently hamper the performance for everybody.

  • Check The Tech:

Perhaps the router and/or modem are obsolete? It at times hampers the net speed. Check with the internet service provider to make sure the equipment is updated. In the majority of situations, they upgrade the setup free of charge, although a monthly charge might apply.

You can also contemplate buying your own router and modem to keep the monthly charges to a minimum. The internet service provider maintains a list of 3rd-party equipment compatible with the service. Speak with them to learn what direction is best for you and your family.

  • Contemplate A Range Extender:

Relying on the layout of the house and the position of the wireless router, you might face trouble keeping a strong net signal throughout your house. Range extenders provide a comparatively low-cost way of spreading the wireless signal throughout the house.

Expect to disburse anywhere from 75 dollars to 150 dollars for a decent model. They usually plug directly into the wall socket, so you are capable of placing the unit closer to where you carry out the majority of bandwidth-intensive net activity.