Paknet Speed Test

Paknet Broadband Speed Test:

Do you get the network bandwidth you paid for? Have you ever tested the net speed? Do you know how to make use of the full potential of the bandwidth? This guide shows you all the diverse factors affecting network performance. There are also some possible remedies mentioned that are simple to apply.

How To Perform The Speed Test?

Simply go to the website and click on the go button. It always chooses the best test server based on the ping value and shows you the most accurate Paknet Speed Test results.

Problems Regarding Slow Internet Speed:

A lot of things are indirectly and directly related to the internet speed you receive from the ISP. For instance, Ethernet cable, Operating system, wifi router, Ethernet Port, Broadband Modem, and Media Converter all are associated things, and if any of them malfunctions, you’ll get an extremely bad net speed.

External Net Speed Problems:

  • You’re utilizing a relatively lower net speed connection
  • You’re throttled for overusing
  • You’re utilizing a shared net connection
  • Server speed, internet service provider’s location is one of the main problems.

External Net Speed Problems For Slow Speed:

  • Kind of cord you’re utilizing for the net
  • Wired vs. Wireless connection problem
  • Wifi router and Ethernet card you utilize
  • The browser you make use of
  • OS you’re utilizing to the computer
  • Hardware configuration of the mobile and PC

How Can You Speed Up The Internet Connection?

Possible methods to find a fix so that you can speed up the network connection that you receive after testing net connection speed:

  • Restart The Router And Modem:

Reboot the modem, router, and media converter, and you can see a considerable speed improvement to the network speed. You have to provide sign-in details again to begin net browsing. Test the net speed once again and if you don’t see any improvement, simply bring another one from the friend for testing purposes.

If you find it helpful, do not delay replacing your modem/router, whichever is essential. You can change the network card or Ethernet card properly and try to detect the issue if any.

  • Wired Connection Is Faster:

The cable connection is always faster and better. If you test the net connection utilizing the cable connection, you might get a better outcome. At times, the users of wireless routers get affected by the signal meddling. It triggers a huge speed drop over the net connection.

Change the location of your router to get rid of signal meddling. Secure the wifi connection using a strong password and utilize Wireless Extender if essential. Always update router software and Firmware regularly. Always try to utilize a shorter cord. If you need to utilize a relatively longer cord, then you have to utilize CAT 6 cord with a gigabit shielded network.

  • Try To Make Use Of The Modern Day Web Browsers:

Browsers you’re utilizing can make huge differences in the net speed. Modern-day web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox utilize less JavaScript for loading a site. Thus, a site loads faster in such web browsers. Do not forget to disable unused and additional web browser add-on.

Try to utilize an ad-block extension; it blocks advertisements and makes the site browsing experience smoother. Clear caches, browsing history, and cookies after a regular interval, it can assist in browsing faster. Keep the web browser always updated.

  • Check The Filters If Any:

If you make use of the dial-up connection utilizing the phone lines, you certainly install a good quality filter on the line. A filter is a small plug that is attached to the phone line and filters all the disturbances and noise.

  • Make Use Of Modern Operating System And Make It Malware/Virus Free:

You can utilize modern Windows OSs to get better net speed. For instance, Win 10 offers better web browsing speed than Windows 7 or XP. In the next step, check the device and be sure that there’s no malware and virus activity present on the device.

Such activities slow the PC’s performance as well as the net speed. Close all the running processes that utilize net bandwidth. Do not run several devices simultaneously under the same network or net connection.

  • Talk To Internet Service Provider For Speeding Up The Internet:

If you have tried all the guidelines mentioned above and you didn’t get any good outcome, then call the ISP and tell them that you performed an internet speed test to check the net speed but got a bad outcome. They will definitely assist you and advise you on how to improve the internet speed.