StormFiber Speed Test

StormFiber Broadband Speed Test:

Each PC related to the internet is connected through some internet service provider. In fact, the total networks inside the way that office or home users get a net connection from some companies working regionally to provide a net to users to allow them to share records worldwide.

Every internet service provider working inside the place provides a net to the users based completely on the extraordinary pricing fashions. The extra a user pays, the more internet speed they get. The exceptional internet plans have numerous connection speeds and bandwidths. The connection speed is likewise referred to as the internet speed.

The StormFiber Speed Test is a non-flash bandwidth test that checks the connection’s upload and download speeds utilizing the web browser. The speed test doesn’t need any downloads to run. Bandwidth speed tests are normally utilized for checking the speed.

How Can You Test Internet Speed?

For checking the internet broadband speed, simply click on the go button to start measuring the real-time internet connection speed. It is so simple and easy to measure speed, and you might also compare the internet results with your friends.

Terms You Ought To Know:

  • Download Speed:

It is the speed at which the net connection delivers information to the PC. It’s the max amount of data the PC can get from the net in a given second. The download speed is measured in Mbps or Megabits per second.

  • Upload Speed:

It is the reverse of the download speed. The upload speed actually tracks the max amount of data that the PC can send to the net. It’s also measured in Megabits per second or Mbps.

Why Should You Test The Internet Speed?

An internet speed test is an effective method for businesses and individuals to measure their network connection. The broadband service providers sell tiered packages based on the net speed, so it is significant to test frequently to make certain you’re receiving the right return on investment.

For companies that make use of VoIP services, dependable broadband speed is the main necessity for the everyday work of each employee. From making conference calls to exporting huge amounts of data, the speed of the connection has a great impact on the bottom line.

If The Speed Is Slower Than Expected:

There are a lot of reasons why the bandwidth test results might be slower than you actually expected. The following tips might assist you in increasing the results:

  • Close or pause any apps or in-progress downloads that are utilizing the connection.
  • Make use of the wired Ethernet connection in place of wireless for avoiding any meddling from things such as fluorescent lights, office/household electronics, and even neighboring wireless networks.
  • Reboot the modem or router and rerun the speed test to check the internet speed.

Why’s The Internet Speed Slower Than Expected?

Numerous factors might slow the connection, causing slower-than-expected internet speeds. Some of the factors are uncovered copper wires, extreme weather conditions, close-by heavy transmission cords, weak or broken LAN cords, or vulnerable wifi LAN alerts.